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I am a writer, editor, and certified cat lady writing YA historical fiction. I have a degree in Creative Writing from Ithaca College, with a focus on children’s and historical fiction. After many agency internships and some time as a proofreader, I am now an Assistant Editor working on media tie-in novels and art books about super heroes. When not working, I can usually be found reading a book, under a cat, or looking for another cup of tea. I am represented by Danielle Chiotti of Upstart Crow Literary.


Please note that I am not taking Freelance editing work from new clients at this time. I highly recommend the editorial skills of Sarah Singer or Julie Daly.

submission package edits

After reading queries for two different literary agencies (focusing mostly on YA, romance, and mystery/thriller submissions), I know just how much having polished, eye-catching, and accurate submission materials puts you at the top of the slush pile.

I will critique your query letter, the opening pages of your manuscript, and your synopsis, keeping an eye on clarity, accuracy, and ability to stand out.


$50 for a query and first ten pages of your manuscript. Includes up to three reads of the query letter.

$10 for every additional ten pages or the synopsis.

Manuscript edits

All manuscript edits will be made in Microsoft Word Track Changes, to show you my edit suggestions and changes and allow you to make decisions about how best to implement my suggestions. I offer two different levels of manuscript critique:

Level One is for authors who have been through edits with critique partners and want a final polish before submitting to agents or self-publishing. I will search for the peskiest of typos and em-versus-en-dash style errors, as well as editing for continutity and clarity.

Level Two is for authors who want a more in-depth edit of their work. In addition to combing for typos and grammatical errors, I will also offer critique for character and plot arcs. I specialize in tight, believable dialogue. This level also includes a one- to two-page edit letter, depending upon the amount and type of edits required.


A Level One edit is $0.004 per word, or $200 for a 50,000 word manuscript.
A Level Two edit is $0.006 per word, or $300 for a 50,000 word manuscript.

Due to the confidential nature of the publishing industry, my work with editing clients and my work with literary agents and other publishing professionals must be kept completely separate. I cannot refer you to particular agents or provide information about their taste in manuscripts. Thank you for your understanding.



Accepted Genres

Areas of expertise:

  • Young Adult

  • Middle Grade

  • Historical Fiction

Not Accepted:

  • Picture books

  • Short stories

  • Horror

  • Erotica

  • Nazi/white supremacist romances

  • White savior narratives

  • Graphic rape

  • "Bury your gays"



15% discount for manuscripts including marginalized characters. 20% discount if that inclusion is #ownvoices.



Ithaca college

BA in Creative Writing, focus on YA and historical fiction

Minors in History and Italian


Editorial Assistants Charlotte and Mr. Darcy

Editorial Assistants Charlotte and Mr. Darcy


"Caitlin read my YA in the final stages of editing, at the point where you've gone over the book so many times you don't know what's what anymore and are convinced it's possibly the worst book in existence. Not only did she let me know it wasn't, she has a keen eye for historical detail and caught several errors that neither I, nor my editor, nor my copyeditor found. Definitely recommended."

-- Stefan Bachmann, author of THE PECULIAR, THE WHATNOT, and A DROP OF NIGHT (HarperCollins)


Please email me with your name and a description of the editing services you would like. payment will be sent following the receipt of a paypal invoice and must be paid prior to receiving edits.

Find me on Twitter @Caitlin_Renata.